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FIDIC President’s Message

Mr. Alain Bentéjac
FIDIC President

Dear conference delegates and guests

A warm welcome to the historical city of Berlin, proud to host the 2018 FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference.

Join CEOs and other industry leaders, their clients, and funders of infrastructure, as they share their vision for the future of the consulting industry, and its contribution to tackling the massive issues regarding global urban development.  The theme of Mobility and Smart Infrastructure provides an opportunity to examine and understand the dynamics of a more integrated approach to urban development – issues which are expected to absorb a considerable amount of the industry’s future resources.

According to the OECD, countries will need to get two crucial things right at the same time if they are to plan, develop and fund needed infrastructure – these essentials are national policy frameworks and assured funding.  How can the consulting engineering sector add to this debate, in order to find suitable and sustainable solutions?

Professional and technical people are the life blood of the consulting industry. The dynamics of marshalling these resources when and where they are needed, in the face of a global skills shortage, will also be a focus of this special conference.

It is clear that innovative thinking and project implementation is necessary if we are to address these critical issues in a meaningful way. The impact of globalisation, new procurement models and innovative funding arrangements, will challenge all those involved, and bring about new business models needed to deal with the opportunities emerging. It is up to the consulting engineering community to share its knowledge and experience in mitigation and remedial solutions for our fragile infrastructure, and to cater for the urgent and demanding needs of communities around the world.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Berlin.

EFCA President’s Message

Mr Kevin Rudden
EFCA President

On behalf of the European Federation of Consulting Engineering Associations (EFCA), it is my pleasure to welcome the 2018 FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference to Europe and invite you to join us and VBI in Berlin on 9th to 11th September 2018.

Urban mobility and smart city design offers tremendous opportunities for those who will own, operate design and construct this infrastructure. As Engineers in the modern world, we are facing a technological revolution created by such opportunities. A revolution in the way we design, construct, operate and manage our infrastructure.

The theme of this Conference Mobility and Smart Infrastructure will examine how these changes and the increased digital inter-connectivity, impact our future infrastructure, our offices and our homes.

Billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unrivalled processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, will create unlimited possibilities for our Industry. These possibilities will be multiplied by emerging technology breakthroughs.  Are consulting engineers and associated professionals ready for such an opportunity? Join us in Berlin to find out.

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VBI President’s Message

Dr.-Ing Volker Cornelius 
VBI President

As the President of VBI, the German Association of Consulting Engineers, I have the honour to cordially invite you to the FIDIC 2018 International Infrastructure Conference Mobility & Smart Infrastructure on Sept. 9 to 11, 2018:  Welcome to Berlin, the beautiful capital of Germany!

Urban mobility and smart city design offer tremendous business opportunities for both public and private investment. In Berlin you will have the unique chance to meet high representatives from the German automotive industry, construction industry, policymakers from the German and EU-Level as potential partners, clients, investors and constructors. At the same time Berlin is not just a city which is attractive to the Consulting Engineers. It is also the European capital with the strongest appeal to young creative people and entrepreneurs from around the world who are developing a fast growing start-up industry with focus on new technologies. In cooperation with other economic sectors our consulting industry is offering completely new solution approaches in the context of mobility and smart infrastructure.

Berlin is worldwide famous for its open minded and colourful mentality and its hospitality towards our friends from around the globe. So please, join our conference next autumn and give us the honour to host the community of consulting engineers in Berlin. I’d like to show you a short 2 minutes video, which might underline and accomplish your picture of Berlin and maybe motivates you even more to attend the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2018 in Berlin.

We hope the world's most important international event 2018 for consulting engineers in business will be a big success for all FIDIC members and the global industry of consulting engineering.



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